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I can't upload the picture. It is a huge metal wheel shaped object. It has large round spokes that are connected to a large hub. I saw this in a video on You Tube. I donít know what it is but I used to see this same shape in my dreams as a small child. The ones of these that I saw in my dreams were flying all around the Earth. They seemed to be in a low orbit or maybe they were in a high altitude in the atmosphere. Sometimes, there were two or more of them flying one after another. They were quite large. The ones in my dreams were greatly feared by the people. They were hunting for people to kill them. When we were warned that one or more of these things was approaching, everyone would go inside. The place that we were hiding in was like a bunker, or a cave. It had very thick doors and a downward stair. On one occasion, I didnít get back inside the bunker in time. The doors had to close and I was left outside. The things were flying a good bit closer to the ground on this pass. I saw them clearly when they came into view as they came over the horizon. They had a reddish glow and they were rotating rather slowly as they moved along their flight path. They made no sound as they flew. I tried to hide under and among the rocks at the entrance to the bunker. I believe that they found me and the location of the bunker. Things were blank after that and I have no more memory of it, other than my dreams as a child.
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