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I have heard before that dreams are the result of stray neurons rolling around in our brains. That might be true. Other dreams, however, might be something much more than that. Some dreams are very vivid, dynamic and seem quite real.


 Sometimes we can give some thought to a dream, if we can remember it, and we can see the origin of it. Some dreams don’t appear to be connected to any known cause that can be remembered.


Dreams and the meanings of dreams have figured very prominently in human history and in religions of all types for thousands of years and maybe even into prehistory.


The reason that I am writing about this is because I had a dream this morning that I have no reference to in my daily life and thoughts. The dream was in some ways similar to other dreams that I have had over the years but it was, as it were, at a higher level than most of the others.


In this dream, I was given the “honor” of meeting some very high ranking and important people. I was told to go into the place where they were, take a seat and don’t join the conversation. However, I was brought into the conversation when the leader of that group asked my name.


I told him my name and that caused a very strange reaction from another member of the group who was seated in the same near area as I was. It turns out that my name was the same as his. He had a custom of performing a very strange ritual each time he met someone with the same name as his.


I know that he was very serious but it seemed comical and it was, in some ways, a little creepy. I said yes, I have heard of this and have seen this on television. The leader and the others didn’t seem pleased that I said that. They thought that I was being disrespectful and mocking them. I was not. The leader of the group seemed to be pleased with this ritual though and he allowed it to proceed.


This person moved to me very slowly, almost as if he were floating. He touched my arms and my face. When he slowly moved beside me I noticed that he seemed to be two dimensional. From the side view he was very thin. Then he slowly moved behind me and he hugged me for a moment. It was almost as if he enveloped me, and then he took his seat.


The odd thing about that person was that there seemed to be no physical presence. Although I thought that he had touched my face and hands, and even when he seemed to envelope me, there was no feeling of physical contact. It was like he was all around me but never actually touched me.


All of the people in that room were geniuses and had very high IQs. They seemed to be some kind of an elite click. The leader sat at a desk and he never left his desk.


He had an electric devise on his desk that he used for many things. He used that device to disintegrate things. He would put an object near the device and the object would disappear into thin air. Mostly, he used it as a cigarette lighter because he smoked non-stop and continuously.


He was a short man. He was full bodied but not fat. He looked to be about seventy years old. He seemed familiar to me like someone that I used to know long ago or like someone that I have seen on television before.


 He started to ask me questions about a variety of things. I don’t remember most of them. He wanted to know my thoughts about what made people different although, being human, they are basically the same.


 I explained to him that even though humans are physically similar we all have different brain functions and cognitive abilities. I explained many things to him and his group. I explained to them about the things that make women attractive to men and men to women even though we are basically the same kind of creatures.


They were all interested in the idea of physical attraction but they couldn’t seem to really understand. One of them opened a door to another part of the building and called to one of the people outside the room where we were. There were many people in that building. Outside of the room that we were in, it looked like a crowed street.



The person that he called in was a male person. He wanted me to demonstrate what an acceptable hug looked like. I didn’t want to do that. The people in the room and the man at the desk didn’t like my reluctance. I agreed to do that and when I started to hug that person, I thought that about five seconds should be enough.


The person that I hugged seemed to be very soft bodied. He was not muscular at all in fact. When I started to release him, he started to hug me back. It did seem very pleasant, although he was so soft and doughy that my arms embedded in his body, and we hugged for a full minute.


Things were confused after that and I remember going through a door and down a flight of steps that seemed like a ladder. In my other dreams, as in this one, when I went down the steps, I actually slid down them on my feet. I made that flapping sound as my shoes slid down the steps. That is always fun in every dream.


I do remember that in this dream as in other dreams when I slid down the steps that way that I was not wearing the same shoes that I usually wear. I usually wear basketball type shoes but in the dreams I always wear leather shoes with hard soles.


 In this dream I remember too that the flight of steps was shorter than the steps in other dreams. In some of these type dreams the flight of steps is very long and sometimes more steep and that is why I learned how to slide down the steps rather than to take the time to walk down them.


At the bottom of the steps I went through another door and down a long and spiraling aisle like in the movie theaters. I went past several desirable stopping places to a small place at the bottom of the spiral. That was my place. It seemed to be a place for someone of little importance. That is when I woke up.



Update to the dream:I saw a device that was very similar to the device that was on the desk of the leader of that social group. He used his to disintegrate things and to light cigarettes. I saw on TV an "Atomic lighter" that looked a lot like the one in the dream.