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I signed the paperwork to buy this house before it was built in the winter of 1968, and we moved into it in the fall of 1969. We had not lived here for very long when the strange things started to happen.

My children were small then; my son was four years old and my daughter was two years old. When my daughter was three years old, she came into the living room one night after having been put in bed. She said that some-one was looking in her window.

I went out to look and see if I could find anything. There was no-one there, of course, and I didn’t see any evidence that any-one had been there. She described the person that she had seen. She said that he had large eyes, a big head with no hair; he was very tall and was very white. She saw this a few times afterward but never said anything about it until she was a teenager. We never knew what she had seen.

I usually sleep on the west side of the bed room. Once, I moved the bed to the east side, against the wall, and found that I could not sleep very well there. I kept the bed there for about three weeks and had horrible dreams, when I could sleep, every night. I felt a sense of horror and panic while I was trying to sleep. When I would awaken during the night, I would have horrible thoughts and be filled with dread. All of that stopped when I moved the bed back to the other side of the room.

I used to have a lazy boy recliner rocker chair that I really liked. It was set at the large window on the east side of the house. I used to like to sleep in that chair but sometimes I would have panic attacks. Doctors call that sleep paralysis.

I would be asleep but nearly conscious; I couldn’t wake up, and I had a feeling of terror. I couldn’t move my arms, and I couldn’t scream. It was as if some creature was seriously threatening me, and I couldn’t run. I never saw any person or creature, but I had the distinct impression of some large people being gathered around me, and they wished me harm.

 They seemed to have the appearance of large bluish Negroid people. When I remarried years later, my step son began to tell me about his experience with those same creatures. Sometimes he would stay up late at night playing video games and would fall asleep near or in that chair by the window. These creatures have never caused any kind of physical harm or damage, but they do terrify when they appear.


Over many years, there was another strange thing that I used to call harry man. Harry man never caused the terror that the bluish Negroid creatures did, but he was freighting. He never, as far as I know, appeared to anyone in any fashion. He did, however, make noises around and inside the house. He was more like one of those things that go bump in the night. My new wife, being a good Christian woman, prayed over the house and lot and harry man left the premises and until this day has not been heard of again.

Right from the time when I first moved into this place, there has been a fear that seems to hang over the back yard. It is not so noticeable during the daylight hours; in fact, it is not noticed at all then. At night, however, it is a different thing. When I go out into the back yard at night, I have a feeling that I am being watched by some malevolent consciousness. I have the feeling of panic and the hair stands up on my body. I have the urge to scream and, if I was able, to run, but I can’t because my legs feel as though they are made of rubber bands.

I began to believe, because of the feelings of terror and hatred associated with the back yard at night, that this might be the spirits of people who died a wrongful and violent death. Because of the Negroid appearance of the bluish creatures who are there when I sleep in the living room who seem to have that same malevolence about them, that these might be the spirits of slaves who were murdered at some time in history.

I see no reason for the spirits of any people, slave, murdered or otherwise to have any malevolence toward me. I have never harmed anyone and have certainly never murdered any-one.

 Another thing, about the back yard, is what looks like an erosion ditch. The yard sinks on the southwestern end of the back yard. I filled in a sunken place with eight tons of dirt about ten years ago. That sunken place is a lot lower now than it was before I filled it in.

At the western most corner of the back yard, I have put loads of rocks, bricks, blocks, and other material over the years and most of that has moved under the fence and is now ten feet away from where I put it.

I have had, right from the start, dreams about that end of the yard. In the dreams I am in a cavern with a wide creek running through it. There are wide walkways on both sides of the creek and several people are walking there.

I really would like to go out to that place in the back yard and dig a hole to see if I can dig into a cavern because I do believe that there is one under the ground there. I am afraid to do that though because I might fall through and kill myself.


As bad as it already is, I really hope that it isn’t something else that causes the feelings of fear, dread and terror. That other thing would be the bad spirits of the land in a particular area. This same thing happened at least once when the Jews where carried off to another country. The new people who came in to settle the area had to send for some of the Jews to come and calm the malicious spirits that dwelt in the land.

I have a lamp in the living room that is connected to a timer. Usually, the only time I ever change the settings on that timer is four times a year to compensate for the daylight saving time changes. One day I was home alone, and I had to go out for about an hour. When I came back home, I noticed that the timer had been changed and had been set forward by four hours.

That seems impossible because it was still plugged into the wall socket and did not appear to have been removed from the socket. It takes a bit of effort to change the settings on that timer; it has to be unplugged from the wall socket and it is difficult to change the time setting because it is mechanical and not digital.

I had a similar experience in another area of the house. I have a small room that used to be a bedroom for the kids when they were small. I have converted this room and made it to be a pantry where food and other things are stored. This is also the room where I keep my computer so I spend a lot of time there.

My computer was sitting against the east wall of that room. I had to crawl under a bench to plug the computer and the monitor into the wall socket and to unplug them required an effort.

I was outside one day mowing the lawn and when I came back into the house, I noticed that some things in that room where the computer is, had been turned over and moved from the place where they were stored. The water can that I use to water the flowers had been thrown out into the hall. The computer and the monitor were unplugged. There was no-one here besides me and no-one came or left while I was outside working.

This house doesn’t have a basement but a crawl space. The crawl space is about twelve inches high on the south side and about thirty six inches on the north side because it sits on a slope. We have a door to the crawl space that we keep closed and keep a pin in the hasp to keep it closed.

Every once in a while, that door gets opened, but I never hear it when it happens. The door is hard to open and always makes a sound when it is opened. When it is opened that way, the door is standing open but the pin is still in the hasp. Once, I braced the door closed with a prop that could only be removed from the outside. When I went out in the yard one day, I saw that the door was opened and the prop was on the ground beside it.


We have a small cabinet in the kitchen that has one large drawer. That cabinet was built there when the house was built. We have been putting papers, phone books, and numerous other things in that drawer for forty two years and it still is not full. I often joke that that drawer must empty into another dimension; sometimes, I think that it really might. That could explain a lot of things that have occurred here over the years.

Another strange thing happened just yesterday, 1-12-2012. The computer that I have been using for the past three years stopped working. I bought another one that didn’t have any programs to speak of installed on it. I managed to install a few programs on the new computer and had just about everything working well.

I needed to install my copy of Microsoft Office 2007 but when I tried I found that I needed a product code. I searched for the container that my software disk had come in, and then, I remembered that one day while cleaning this little room, I had thrown it away because it had laid on that shelf for three years and I didn’t think that I would ever need it.

After about three weeks, I was planning to spend money that I really didn’t want to spend, to buy a new copy of the Office 2010. While I was sitting at the computer, I turned to look at my Poodle, Missy, and I saw, behind the bench against the eastern wall of the room, a box that looked like the software box that had been thrown out. It was indeed the box that had the product number that I needed to install the Office 2007.

If I did not in fact throw that box out, it could not have gotten off the shelf where it had lain for over three years. This, to me, is a miracle and not just another strange thing. What’s strange is that when I installed the Office 2007, the computer nerds at Microsoft caused all of the office programs to malfunction. Office 2007, 2010, and Word pad all malfunction now. Why would the people at Microsoft be so malicious?

Another strange thing concerning computers is that when I set up this new computer, it didn’t have Microsoft office 2007 installed on it. I installed office 2007 on the other computer when I first got it. Then, I put the disk in the sleeved pouch that I keep disks in to keep them safe.

I wrote many documents on that computer using office 2007. When I installed office 2007 on the new computer about a month ago, I used it for the first time. I noticed that when I called up office 2007, it had a drop down list with the names of documents that were written on the former computer before it malfunctioned and became useless.

When I clicked on any of those links, the computer said that those shortcuts were not valid. What I wonder about is what were they doing being listed there at all? The older computer was dead and those files had been erased from it. The files could not have been transferred to that disk or to the new computer, but they were listed in the drop down list.


When I first bought that former computer, I started one day to type in my E- mail address. A drop down list appeared because of the auto- complete feature. On the drop down list was a list of E- mail addresses that I had used in years past on the computer before that computer was even built. I can’t understand how those E- mail accounts could have shown up on that new computer.

Even the oldest computer, the first one I ever had, did some strange things. The thing that I remember most was the times that it referred to its self as I. A few times, that computer put up a dialog box and said should I do this or I can’t do this. I haven’t heard of anyone else’s computer referring to its self in the first person.


I have a camera that I bought about four years ago. When I was looking through some of the pictures on the camera, I found some pictures that came from a VCR tape that I filmed nearly twenty years ago. It is pictures of my stepson riding his horse at the lot at the stable. It is not possible that these pictures can be on this camera that was not bought until fifteen years after the VCR film was made. I don’t know how to transfer pictures from a VCR movie tape to a digital camera.

I take six kinds of vitamins, and I keep a supply on a shelf in the room where some of the strange things listed here have occurred. I know how many bottles I have of each kind of vitamins so that I know when it is time to order more. I have been doing it that way for years.

Recently, I went to get a bottle of vitamins that I knew that I had, and it was gone. In fact, that bottle was gone along with one bottle of another kind and two bottles of yet another kind. I know that they were there just two weeks earlier when I got a replacement bottle for a vitamin that had run out.

My wife doesn’t use these vitamins, and I don’t think she even knows where I keep them. Her daughter does use these same kind of vitamins, except for the big bottle of Glucosamine that was missing, but she has her own supply and could not have used that many in that length of time.

This is just one more mystery that I might never know the answer to. It is just another of those strange things that happen here, and I have no explanation of where the bottles of vitamins went.

Now, it is about four months since the bottles of vitamins disappeared, and now, another four bottles are gone. I bought two bottles of vitamin C and two bottles of vitamin B complex and now they are gone and no-one can know how they have vanished.

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