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Homeless people Hundreds of millions of people in the world of today are homeless. This is especially sad because the world of today is extremely prosperous for businesses of all kinds and the number of multimillionaires and billionaires is at the highest number in recorded history. No doubt, this has been the way ever since the earliest times in history. A small percentage of the world’s population will hoard the wealth of the world and let the masses die in poverty. We have no way to know the outcome of the present day situation where we have millions of wealthy people and billions of people who are living in severe poverty. One very good example of this can be found by looking at Germany in the 1920’s and the 1930’s. The world was in the great depression then and as bad as things were all over the world, they were much worse in Germany. Looking back at that time in history and in that area of the world it is easy to see what the cause of the problem was. Knowing the cause of the problem is very helpful in understanding what World War II was really about. During the great depression many people all over the world lost everything they had up to and including their lives. Millions of people all over the world starved to death or died from the effects of the elements. The great masses of people were living in extreme poverty while a relatively small number of people were sitting on vast fortunes and not using the money to stimulate the economy. That was much like what is happening today. Pope Benedict XVI summed it up recently when he said “The financial crisis took root because profit was all too often made absolute, to the detriment of labor, and because of unrestrained ventures in the financial areas of the economy, rather than attending to the real economy." When Adolf Hitler began to gain power, he found a way to very quickly bring Germany out of the worst financial depression in recorded history. In a very short time he caused Germany to become the most prosperous country on Earth. He was able to very quickly build a strong economy, a strong military, and a prosperous population. He did all of this with stolen money. Hitler robbed the Jews who lived in Germany and took their possessions and their money. Many of the Jews had enormous amounts of money in the banks in Switzerland. This is also the reason why Hitler invaded Poland. A large number of extremely wealthy Jews lived in Poland and Hitler invaded the country and took all of the wealth that he was able to take from those Jews as well. Even after the war when the bank records were being set back to the original owners, there were vast fortunes still in the bank accounts of many of the Jews’ families. Some of those fortunes were taken by other Jews and were never returned to the rightful families. Hitler was also using all of this acquired wealth to start other programs which at this modern time, looking back, seem to have been more important than the wars Germany was fighting at the time. The wars had to be continued until the goal of these programs could be realized. Great amounts of resources had to be diverted from the war effort to these special projects. Hitler had a grand vision of transforming the cities of the world into wondrous places. He had plans for space travel and for bases on the Moon and maybe even Mars and beyond. The people that he had robbed, however, had families all over the world and those families were also enormously wealthy. They fought against him and ruined his grand vision, along with all of the cities that he had hoped to build and to transform. It appears now that the Nazis’ might have indeed succeeded in their plans for space travel. They might have developed the advanced propulsion systems, the machines, and the advanced computer systems that are necessary for space travel. Many of the UFOs that are being sighted these days might indeed be craft that were designed and built using the money that was stolen from those Jews back in the 1930s and the 1940's. That money was put to good use after all. In addition to their space program, the Nazis were interested in time travel. It seems that time and space is the same thing. Could it be possible that even though the Germans lost the war, and suffered greatly because of it in this time line, they could have succeeded and realized their goals in a different time line? Having realized the dream of the world that they had hoped to create in this time line, and knowing how prosperous they were when they were here in the 1930's and 1940's, could we suppose that they now live in a far better world than we do? Would it be reasonable to think that in that world and in that time line there are no masses of people living and dying in poverty as they do here in this reality? Could it be that in that place there are no homeless people?
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