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We have reached a point in human history where borders are an obsolete notion. We now are, or at least we are supposed to be, citizens of the world. The resources in the world are supposed to belong to the citizens of the world and are supposed to be managed responsibly.


The ideas of money and personal wealth are also obsolete ideas. The resources are supposed to be for all people to use and enjoy. Everything that is needed for people to live good lives, including medical care and education, are supposed to be readily available to every person.


The problem is that corporations are now people and are therefore the citizens of the world. The rest of humanity is just a human resource that is to be exploited and used for the enrichment of the corporations. Only a selected few people and not the human race in general, are enjoying the benefits that are meant for the whole human race.


This cannot be a crime because the corporations write the laws to suit their wants and needs and to exclude the rest of humanity. It is, however, a real shame and a disgrace.


It has been estimated that in order for humans to live as they are meant to, each person would require a great amount of the Earth’s resources. That has been plain to see all along in human history. In order for a few people to live well, the masses have to remain in poverty.


This is where the problem lies. In order to have the kind of a socialist world in which everything is plentiful and free and people are given all that they need, there must be much fewer people than the number that we have now. The world could support up to one billion people in luxury and over a very long period of time.


Once the wealthy people have used the poor people and have established their wealth and have amassed the required resources, they will no longer need the poor people. The population of the world will have to be reduced from seven billion to one billion or fewer people.


This also seems like a heinous crime. The corporations will make laws to justify this population reduction and it will, according to the law, be legal. For the people who are left to live on the Earth, however, it will be a Utopia.


Personally, I hope that this will never come to pass. I believe that natural forces will intervene and throw the people who are still living on the Earth back to the Stone Age. The human race will take fifty thousand years to once again reach the point from which it fell.

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