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Date:  Fall 1992

Location:  Colorado Springs, Colorado -- Ft Carson.

Sighting Type:  Eye witness account by several soldiers


Summary:  Large translucent UFO hovered thousands of feet above down-range Fort Carson.  UFO had a near perfect cloaking system.


Full Story:  Just after midnight, SSG Arsie Bennet and his new 2LT were preparing for an upcoming evaluation when the observed a large UFO thousands of feet above the impact area of the East range of Fort Carson.  The ship was immense in size and difficult to distinguish because it employed a nearly perfect cloaking system.   The imperfections in the cloaking system is what make it possible for the witnesses to observer the UFO.  The sky was completely clear except for the UFO which distorted the star fields SSG Bennet and his 2LT were accustomed to seeing during the crisp and clear Rocky Mountain nights.  Not only did he ship distort the stars field, but it projected a faint cloud projection on its hull to compensate for the star field distortion.


SSG Bennet and his 2LT both observed the UFO for several minutes with the observation ending withs the UFO moving away in an Eastern direction a moderate speed.

Tony Tman