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DATE:  Summer 2002

Sighting Type:  Eye witness account

Witnesses:  Wishes to remain Anonymous, Midwest United States


Summary: Large oval light darting at night.


Complete Story.  It was about 2:00 AM and my Mother and I just finished working in our small manufacturing shop located on our 10 acres.  We were walking towards our house that was about 100 meters from the shop.  As usual, we were talking  when all of the sudden we saw the biggest, brightest light we've ever seen at night.  It was extremely large and stationary but then it shrank and began darting over the horizon.  Shocked, I ran to the house to get my father and when I returned, the object had disappeared.

After we all went back in the house the lights dimmed as if something was draining the power from the system.  The next day, our neighbors told us they experienced the power drains too. 




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