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 Great Balls of Fire

DATE:  July, 1973

Sighting Type:  Eye witness account

Witnesses:  Jack and John Kays, Panama City, Florida


Summary:  3 glowing balls of light hovering about 10 feet over high power lines that joined into a single ball of light after 3 to 4 minutes and then quickly leaving towards outer-space at an unbelievable speed.


Complete Story:  John and Jack took a planned trip to a popular fishing hole called Carter's Lake.  At night, they were in the lake off to the side by trees with their backs towards high power lines.  Both of them felt as if something was watching them.  John looked over his solder towards the power lines and saw three glowing balls about 10 feet above the power lines just hovering.  Obviously John quickly exclaimed "Hey, whats that."  Jack immediately looked and saw the three balls of light.  Both observed the lights for 3 to 4 minutes.  Without warning, the three balls joined together into one massive ball of light and zoomed away at an unbelievable speed.


Despite the fact that this was a planned trip, John was so freighted by the sighting that he insisted they immediately leave.  Jack talked John into staying because the trip out of the lake area was difficult at night.  The next morning, both were awaken by Military Jet Fighter Plans searching the area. 


Others in the Area told Jack they too witnessed the the balls of light.  Other documented witnesses are the County's Serif and deputies, county attorney and several documented motorist.  The local paper published, News Herald, published a complete account of the incident.

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