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**A Rose with Love from God **

 My sweet pure red rose that grows in my garden with drops
of dew upon its leaves...I sit here in awe-struck, of your
sweet ~ sweet fragrance, and then I know why in Gods,
name..I believe...Each petal so perfect, each leaf so
perfectly shaped..Your, luminous cascades of colors take
my breath away.

Your sweet fragrance I breathe in, with each and every breath
I take...Most beautiful fragrance one could ever express...
My beautiful sweet, red rose that stands so proud in my
garden for everyone to cherish...With ,its exquisite, vibrant,
beauty bursting, with so much life..

Whom, but God could have made something so exquisite as this
beautiful sweet ,red rose..I hold this rose out to you made
with love, from God.... How beautiful this rose God, made...
Made, with so much perfection and love.

And yet some say don't mention Gods name people might take
offense..Oh, how very sad to believe that...I can't begin, to
understand...Just, like my sweet, sweet rose that stands
proud I will too..I'll defend my rights to LOVE GOD, I'll
pray ,and hope you will too...I hold this rose out to you...
It was made for you..A rose with love from God ,just for
you..I, look at this beautiful rose then I know in Gods,
name, why I believe...Don't you?  ~ I'M very sure, you do!.

Betty Rickard
All rights reserved