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Well my name is Ashley Chavis but my nickname is Gidget....It's what I go by. I live in NC with my of my animals. I have 4 dogs, 3 pups, 3 chickens, 2 parakeets, and 1 betta fish. I love my animals. I also love the Military and I love to support and write the troops. I have a cousin in the Air Force, a cousin in the Army, 2 friends in the Marines, 3 friends in the Navy. Maybe one day I'll be in the Navy or Coast Guard(not too sure if I want to go or not). I love writing poetry. Poetry is my life. I love to write poetry as well as stories that is. You can see them at: I also love being with my wonderful boyfriend JP. He's a real sweetheart. Anything you wanna know....just ask.... Thanks for stopping by.





Ashley Chavis