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'Dedicated To All Our Sister's In Heaven'..With All Our Love'

Like petals falling to the ground slowly
being picked up swirled in the wind.
Carried off to a higher place
I'm wondering If I'll ever see you, again

My tears flow down my face
In remembrance of you
I'm filled with emptiness.
It breaks my heart, I'm here without you
I miss and love you so much.
Your on my mind every day

When I look up the most beautiful butterfly,
flying in the sunlight. With wings of beauty
Glowing ~
Shining. ~
Moving so beautifully
It seem to fly around me
circling me

All of a sudden I hear
A million butterflies.
I hear the flapping of their delicate wings.
From somewhere inside of me.
I hear your voice calling out to me

I listen.. I'm sure I really hear you say

Don't be sad
Don't you grieve for me.
Be happy ~
IM happy,~
I have my beautiful ,wings.

I'm no longer in pain
IM soaring happily
with my beautiful, butterflies

Im sending one to you
Smile ~ IM here with you
I'll never leave your side
Nothing ,will ever change between you and I.

Especially my love ~ for you.
I have It with me~ here on the other side

Listen carefully, when you need me
I'm sure you'll hear the
sound of my flapping wings.

As I fly around you, always.
Watching over, and protecting you'
and my sweet loving family
By Betty Rickard
All rights reserved
August, 2006
Betty Rickard